According to ISO9001 quality management system requirements, we have to fully understanding and acknowledgement of our customer needs, and ensure to delivery our products and services in high quality and a timely manner; through the entire process of manufacturing defect prevention, to continuously improve our products and services.


Quality Definition by Qing Mu High-Tech Materials:

Meeting Customer Expectations all of The Time

Customized Service

Ensue Environmental Friendliness, Health, and Safe

Delivery On Time

Technical Support

Value vs. Price


Quality Management Principles:


Customer Focus

We are committed to meeting the needs of our external paying customers.

The only way we can meet the needs of our external customers is by consistently meeting the needs of our customers inside Qingmu.

We are all linked together by the way we supply and receive each other¡¯s products and services.

We must put customer priorities first ¨C and find a way to make Qingmu system fit customer expectations.


Management Support

Quality is a top priority throughout the organization.

Provide the monetary, material, and human resources necessary to Quality improvement.

The Quality organization promotes, organizes, directs, and monitors Quality improvement efforts in all parts of the organization.

Recognize and reward Quality efforts.


Total Employee Involvement


Quality involves all of us.

There is a Quality aspect to every job, every task, every action.

Everyone needs quality skills, for problem solving and for participative management.

We have an obligation to work together on quality improvement efforts.


Continuous Improvement

Quality is a journey, not a destination.

Prevention is the ¡°Heart of Quality¡±.

Many small quality improvements.

Customers¡¯ needs change ¨C our offerings must continually change.

Education is a key to quality improvement.