Integrity - Always adhere to the highest ethical standards. Integrity generates trust; base upon this foundation in order to build internal and external relationship of our company and enhance the competitive edge.


Quality - Quality is our most important business operation trait; we strive to integrate the pursuit of quality in the company's culture. Customers rely on the quality of our products and services. Our company's development is also dependent on our customers. Each one of us sees the value of product and service quality, and is committed to exceeding customer satisfaction to generate continued return from our customers. 


Innovation - Innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We strive to innovate and improve our technology, products and services, and will continue to positively progress towards our business model to help investors create the most competitive investment value.


Loyalty - We value loyalties from our employees, customer, suppliers and partners. Loyalty from the long-term partnership will ensure our success and great prosperity in the future.


Teamwork - The Company is a team requires a shared responsibility and obligation to complex business environment. Harsh competition needs team support, team spirit embodies who we are, and the only way we succeed is if the customers are satisfied.


Excellent EHS ¨C Environmental, Health and Safety excellence will always be put throughout every aspect of our business operation. From technology and product development, production and operation, the types of business activities, we will not skimp on this chief investment, we will bend over backwards to make our company a world¡¯s respected corporation.