Rongcheng Qing Mu High-Tech Materials Materials specializes in high-end fine chemical business, which is integrated with research and development as well as production and sales of E-grade functional chemicals. The main products of the company include lithium ion battery electrolyte additives associated electrolyte and solvent materials used in the electronics industry and other related functional chemicals.


The company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shandong Peninsula of China £­ Rongcheng(the fine chemical industrial park of the Economic Development Zone). Backed by oil and coal chemical base, facing the Yellow River, the Korean Peninsula and Japan etc., the area possesses advantages in three-dimensional transportation network, such as land, ocean and air transportation. Meanwhile, it is one of the most strategic areas of blue ocean economic zone in Shangdong Provence of PR China.  


The E-grade Vinylene Carbonate (VC), Fluoro Ethylene Crbonate (FEC) and other related E-grade functional chemical materials produced by  Qing Mu High-Tech Materials , which is used the modern clean & integrated production processes technology that is quite different with the traditional chemical synthesis & extraction technology. These latest innovative technologies, which is created by R&D team of  Qing Mu High-Tech Materials . The quality of products have been proved by a third party industry authorities and our customers at home and abroad, while meeting the international industry standard.


By virtue of the quality stability and process reliability, as well as the latest production process technology,  Qing Mu High-Tech Materials  has owned prominent business reputation. Our products have been well received by our customs in Japan, Korea, Europe and America, while widely recognized at the market place.


To achieve our desired long-term business development goals, while ensuring the unremitting efforts to provide E-grade new functional chemical materials and valuable solutions to our customers consistently and continuously, our company has built up close partnership with related domestic and foreign R&D and research institutes, including Zhejiang University, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and Qingdao University of Science & Technology etc.


We will adhere to our core values of ¡°integrity¡±, ¡°quality¡±, ¡°innovation¡±, ¡°loyalty¡± and ¡°EHS friendliness¡± to gain recognition and respect from our customers, suppliers, partners as well as the society and market where we operate.